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Friday, March 8, 2013

Dirty South - Speed of Life

Another week is coming to a close and what better way to put on those Friday party hats than with a review of some electronica/dance music? Even more so, the Ultra Music Festival in Miami is on the horizon and it only makes sense to review someone who has in fact played at this iconic musical setting. With that said, Dirty South’s first full-length studio album, titled, Speed of Life, just dropped this week and is ready to take the EDM world by storm. Read on to see if this seasoned DJ/producer has what it takes to keep us out of our seats and on the dance floor!
One of the more captivating tracks of Speed of Life is without a doubt “Until the End” feat. Joe Gil. Like “City of Dreams,” Dirty South utilizes a vocal accompaniment that is honest and sincere with lyrics that say things we couldn’t.  A sonically entrancing electric guitar riff and piano synth opens the track as an upcoming artist in his own right, Joe Gil, divulges us with his lyrical prowess. “I can see you breathing/but you’re hardly moving/a life with no light is hard to define/but you don’t see you’re holding/all the keys to all the dungeons/let yourself out/just let you be found.” This first verse encapsulates the true essence of music and its ability to cross genres in a way that still hits close to our hearts.  EDM is more than just tripping balls or sweating your ass off to intoxicatingly catchy beats. It’s about the joy and sanctity in life as well as its ability to bring people from different walks of life together to share in this musical catharsis of sorts. Songs such as “Until the End” delineate that life is to be savored like a fine wine—getting better as we go on.  As Gil states in the chorus: “It’s you and I, ‘til the end of time.”
“Reset” is definitely one of the more club-thumping inspired tracks off of Dirty South’s debut LP.  Trying to describe an EDM song and do it any justice whatsoever is like trying to tell a fat guy that he doesn’t need that last donut from the dozen box he just bought 10 minutes ago—there’s just no use. That said, “Reset” can best be described as that iconic upbeat mix that will have you in a state of utter delirium from all the head flipping and jumping up and down like a kid who got an N64 for Christmas that one year in 1997 (I know that’s exactly what the hell I did).
In all honesty, this review wouldn’t feel quite complete if we didn’t give our two cents about the new song Ruben Haze is featured on: “Gods.” Starting off in more of a hypnotic trance, Dirty South takes us on a musical journey that one would envision is exactly how Hundred Acres Woods would feel if you and Winnie the Pooh dipped your hands in too much “honey” one jolly afternoon. The drawn out synths add a feeling of anticipation that magically intertwine seamlessly with the serenity that the guitar brings to the track as well. To some, it may get a little monotonous by the end, unfortunately. The main drawback, however, is that Haze’s vocals are very minimal. Even more, his voice is so distorted that it’s hard to make out what he is singing. At the end of the day though, EDM isn’t known for its proverbial musings, so you can’t really harp on this any longer than that Harlem Shake craze, which beat more than one dead horse to death over the past few weeks.
If you’re a fan of Dirty South and EDM music in general, than it is definitely worth taking a mandatory listen to Speed of Life. Even if this isn’t your cup of tea, it’s definitely worth giving it that old college try. All in all, Dirty South shows that he has the talent and musical repertoire under his belt to make an even bigger name for himself. The only question is, when?  Until then, Druggernauts!!!

Stream the entire album here!

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